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Folder printing

Document holders, binders, folders portfolios and report covers are all essential office items.
Most printing companies will print the following types of folders:

  • Matt laminated presentation folders
  • Gloss laminated presentation folders
  • Silk presentation folders
  • Uncoated presentation
  • Digital folders
  • Budget interlocking folder
  • Laminated corporate folder
  • media folders
  • Gloss laminate saver folders

Brochure printing

Brochures are a very effective way of showing off your business as they stay around unlike website once you've had enough you just turn the screen off and never have to see it again whereas a brochure tends to hang around. A Printed brochure has everything in it- your business, website and success all in one brochure.

Business cards

A business card is essentially the identity of your company and is a customer’s first impression so make your business card look professional and classy to grab people’s attention and see that your business is one to go for.
The colour scheme, logo positioning, key message needs to be portrayed well. We go as far to say if you have a not so good business card it's actually better not to have one at all.

Large Format Print

These printed products are the ones that are too large to fit on ordinary printing press. Most companies can provide large format prints such as: banners. The technology printing company’s use are very sophisticated cutting machines which allow your idea to come to life!

Printing services

There are many printing services provided by printing companies each company offers something different but here are the main and most common types of printing services:

  • Digital publishing
  • web2print
  • print finishing
  • Digital printing
  • lithographic printing
  • graphic design
  • print reproduction services
  • storage
  • And much more!
  • Support